At Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic, people and families of all ages are welcome. In general, Dr. Erin focuses on restoring normal nervous system function as it relates to orthopedics or all the joints in the body.  Every joint may have abnormal nervous system communication as well as abnormal function.

At Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic, the focus is on restoring the function of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and bone. Adjusting, manipulating or mobilizing the joints, or viscera are terms that are used for the correction of joint (including all the surrounding tissues) function.

Chiropractic gentle dry-needling

Chiropractic gentle dry-needling is crucial in restoring fascial disruptions that occur in the body and that affect the kinetic chain.  Fascial disruptions cause distortions in movement patterns and negatively affect the nervous system.

Visceral Manipulation

Being able to use muscle-energy techniques to affect the internal organs is another area of focus at Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic.

It is important to understand the connection between all soft tissues, and the body.  There are similar receptors in the soft tissues that surround the viscera as well as that surround a joint.  Keeping those soft tissues communicating properly with the rest of the nervous system is essential for maintaining the health of the body.

Proper Joint Function

Chiropractic care can help restore normal joint function.

It is of utmost importance to have a properly functioning body and nervous system.  The brain receives messages from receptors that are located in the soft tissues that surround the joint.  They are stretch, pressure, tension, and proprioceptors.  A proprioceptor is a scientific word that describes a receptor that receives information as to where the limbs are in space, relative to body position.  All of these receptors communicate with the brain and the brain communicates back with the tissues to determine how well the joint functions.