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My personal core values of empathy, understanding, and respect that I give to all my patients are the foundation for the professional value I can offer in Helping You Take Control Of Your Health!

With a passion to achieve optimal health potential through natural chiropractic care for my patients, I offer “Healthy for Life” corrective chiropractic care, pediatrics, and pregnancy chiropractic.

Applying my chiropractic skills since 2008, has deepened my understanding of what people are seeking when it comes to their health, and a recognition of how I can be of additional value to my patients, and the public.

The publishing of Healing through the Storm, focused on helping the reader improve their health and vitality while facing the storms of life that interfere with health and well-being, is the beginning of my “Healthy for Life” extensions, with “Our Greatest Wealth is Our Health!” blog, seminars, speaking engagements, and Rejuvenate Life Transformational Group on Facebook.

Offering Holistic Lifestyle Coaching through Holistic Wellness Academy and other options to help people restore their health, harmony, and habits, so that they can live with more passion and purpose.  Mind-body-spirit health centered programs.

Dr Erin

“Healthy for Life” corrective chiropractic care, pediatrics, and pregnancy chiropractic.

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