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The three main categories of stressors that wreak havoc on your life and ways to eliminate as many of the stressors as possible.

Practical tools for correcting the underlying problem that causes disease in the body, and tools that are applicable for intentionally designing a life that maintains health for life.

The truth about your gut and how it may be impacting your whole body and affecting your health more than you know.

Essential nutrients to naturally help decrease inflammation and pain, without the need for opioids.

What is Chiropractic and why should you care to know more about how well your nervous system is functioning, and how that relates to health?The devastating role of inflammation and degenerative changes in the body and how to avoid it.

• The new science of epigenetics, and how its understanding can revolutionize your health.Dr. Erin Denil has been in practice for twelve years. She owns Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic, LLC in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Her interests and hobbies include: spending time with her kids, dancing, zumba, reading, writing, painting, spending time outdoors, boating, kayaking, and Taekwondo.

Dr. Erin Denil’s passion is to educate and to support as many families as possible so they can reach optimal health potential through natural chiropractic care!

Dr. Denil is a “healthy for life” corrective to wellness care chiropractor striving to help as many people as possible to reach their God-given health potential. Dr. Denil continues her education by staying abreast of the most up-to-date research on body functionality, corrective chiropractic care, pediatrics and pregnancy chiropractic.

As Dr. Denil states in the office, “Our greatest wealth is our health!” If you want to take your health and your life to the next level read this book, and begin to change your life!

Dr. Erin. has written a book, ‘Healing Through the Storm”

Dr. Erin Denil has devoted her life to helping others improve their health and vitality while facing the storms of life that interfere with health and well-being .

It was an accumulation of life and educational experiences that led to Dr. Denil’s deeper understanding of what people are seeking when it comes to their health.

Dr. Denil’s resilient desire to continue learning and improving her skills has led her to share her simple but powerful steps to living a vibrant life! In this powerful three-part resource, you’ll learn:

How to intentionally create a new level of vibrancy and energy by understanding the fundamentals of food, exercise, and mindfulness/prayer/relationship with God.
Why so many people are sick and suffering in a failing healthcare model, and how we snap out of it.
The truth about your health and what positively or negatively affects your health.

Dr. Erin's Book Healing Through the Storm
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